St. Catherine of Sienna Parish

Finance Committee InfoRmation

The Finance Committee is responsible for coordinating the financial, accounting, and management services of the Parish to promote generous sharing and responsible use of all human and material resources.

Finance Committee Members
Bill Nobbe, Chairperson
Carole Sue Geis
Jan Haskamp
Cindy Lamping
Don Schwegman
Mary Trenkamp
Marilles Mauer


Click here to download the Automatic Debit Authorization for Sunday Services

Frequently Asked Questions on Automatic Debit Services

Q: What are “automatic debit services” and what does it have to do with St. Catherine’s Catholic Church?

A: You can now authorize St. Catherine’s Catholic Church to automatically debit your checking or savings account for your weekly or monthly contributions.
Q: Does this service cost anything?
A: No, it is free and being offered for your convenience!
Q: Does it matter where my bank account is?
A: No. St. Catherine’s Catholic Church’s account will be with Mainsource Bank; however, withdrawals can be made from any bank as long as you provide an accurate routing and account number. There is no additional fee if you bank somewhere other than Mainsource.
Q: What happens if a deduction is made against my account and I have insufficient funds?
A: You will be charged any fees that your bank charges for a debit that involves insufficient funds. St. Catherine’s Catholic Church will not impose any fees.
Q: What about collection envelopes?
A: For the time being, you will still receive the envelopes. If you wish, you can place your envelope in the Sunday collection basket and mark that you gave electronically; however, this will not be necessary for the parish office to keep track of your contributions.
Q: What about “special” and “second” collections?
A: We plan to include the option to have these collections automatically withdrawn in the future; until further notice, however, you should plan to use the envelopes in your envelope packet.
Q: Who will have access to the information I provide to the St. Catherine’s Parish Office?
A: Only the bookkeeper and the pastor will have access to such information. All forms and computer reports will be kept secure and confidentially.
Q: How do I enroll in this service?
A: You can pick up enrollment forms in the parish office or from the church website (; forms should be submitted to Cindy Lamping at the parish office.
Q: When can I start?
A: You can start anytime throughout the year. Just pick up a form and the parish office will process it within 7 days.
Q: When will the automatic withdrawals occur?
A: Weekly withdrawals will occur on Tuesday.
Monthly withdrawals will occur on the first Tuesday of the month.
Q: What is a prenote?
A: A prenote is a transaction that will be debited through your account for $0.00 to verify that account information is correct.
Q: What if I need to make a change to my information?
A: Just pick up a “CHANGE AUTHORIZATION FORM” from the parish office or the website. Complete the form and submit to Cindy Lamping at the Enochsburg parish office. Your changes will be processed within 7 days.
Q: How do I ensure that the proper amounts are being withdrawn from my account?
A: You can review your monthly bank statements to help the bookkeeper ensure accuracy. Also, if you choose, an email will be automatically sent to you from Mainsource Bank each time a withdrawal is made. If you find an error or have a question, just contact Cindy at the parish office. The regular reports will be reviewed regularly to ensure accuracy of deductions; appropriate policies and procedures will be implemented to ensure accurate processing.